CHI's Introduction!

C.H.I.’s goal is to develop a treatment environment an individual or family can embrace, engage and voluntarily commit to self help through a holistic mean. C.H.I. develops a program that, in essence serves as a treatment plan. C.H.I. uses clear guidelines of theories but unlike conventional intervention, C.H.I. joins therapeutic social work practice with holistic interventions to foster the development of children, adults, and families to treat emotional and behavioral problems.

C.H.I. strives to enhance the development of self-awareness and missions itself in promoting and increasing self-esteem. Holistically, C.H.I. steps into the individual’s environment to support them socially, physically, mentally and emotionally to produce the healthy behaviors. 

C.H.I. is committed to facilitating the healthy transition of social and interpersonal skills in all social situations like school, work, and the home environment. C.H.I. was established as a means of promoting an integrated therapeutic approach to behavior modification using holistic interventions such as music, color, and relaxation techniques to connect the mind, body and self.

Through relaxation techniques your body and mind can achieve a state of calm, thus enabling you to become tranquil. Tranquility will bring stillness which can help you gain a deep sense of self control that allows you to focus on yourself. In essence your silent but thinking aloud to yourself, it is here that your at your most optimal listening capacity. Through stillness you can develop a mechanism to listen to yourself, respect your intuition and develop trust in yourself. 

Holistic Medicine is a system of health care that examines a person’s general health to ensure healthy and cooperative relationships exist among the individuals’s physical, mental, emotional, and social states to then enable treatment of the presented aliment or illness. As a result, Holistic Medicine focuses on education and personal responsibility to achieve balance and well-being. The healthy development and connection of socialization and interpersonal skills are vital tools that enhances ones experiences and connects them to their environment. In addition, promotes creativity confidence, health, and success in physical and social environments.

CHI's Mission!

The Center for Holistic Intervention (C.H.I.), is dedicated to bringing individuals together by promoting and fostering positive values through healthy behaviors, utilizing holistic interventions as a pathway. Our approach is to support human growth and functioning that entails the use of the ecological perspective, and merging a culture of approaches and theories to create an individualized treatment strategy for the individual at large. C.H.I.'s ultimate mission and purpose is to break the cycle of powerlessness and promote empowerment, self determination, and healthy development of human growth in the community and society.

CHI's Purpose!

C.H.I.’s ultimate purpose at large is to break the cycle of powerlessness and promote empowerment, self determination, and healthy development of human growth. By being sensitive to cultural diversity and examining the interpersonal psyche, we will be able to consider the broader picture of the individual and family to understand and implement an effective intervention.

Our attempt is to design unique intervention that is intensive enough to reach behaviors among adults and children, while still being compassionate, sensitive and effective. In addition, we hope to create an awareness of the benefits that holistic interventions have on the mind, body, and self. Because relaxation is taught as a fun exercise to the individual, that in it of itself relaxes the body and decreases tension, in turn, benefits are delivered immediately and are infectious. Holistic Interventions will serve as a transitional bridge for opening communication between individuals and there environment, with the emphasis on long-term healthy behaviors. Our approach aims to simultaneously help the person in environment while promoting lasting healthy behaviors and manageable techniques to increase functional, interpersonal, and socialization skills.